The "Pay for Circle Subscribers" promotion

1. General provisions

1.1. These rules of the Promotion (hereinafter - the Rules) for users of the "IT Network" application (hereinafter - the Application) determine the conditions and procedure for participation in the Promotion.

1.1.1. The company is Business Community LLC, the copyright holder of the IT Network resources.

1.1.2. User - user of the "IT Network" application.

1.1.3. Circle - a community created by the User in the "IT Network" application in the "Circles" section for the purpose of informing other Users about any events, activities, organizations, their creation and activities, other materials of interest to Users and/or possible discussion of them with other Users.

1.1.4. Reward - monetary reward for completing the conditions of the Promotion.

1.2. The rules are a public offer.

1.3. Acceptance of the rules of the Participant is not sending an opt-out to the mailbox during the term of this Promotion.

1.4. The term of the Promotion is not limited, but may be established by the Company's decision by amending the Rules in accordance with Section 3 of the Rules.

1.5. By accepting the Rules, the Participant confirms his/her agreement with the Rules and all changes made in them.

1.6. The Company has the right to refuse the individual to participate in the Promotion if there is no technical possibility for this at the time of acceptance by the individual of the Rules.

1.7. The Company shall pay the Remuneration in accordance with the procedure set forth in Section 2 of the Rules.

1.8. The Company has the right to make changes to the Rules at any time. Information about changes made to the Rules is posted on

1.9. The Company will not reimburse or compensate any losses, costs or any other expenses a Participant may incur while participating in the Promotion.

1.10. The Company has the right to cancel the payment of remuneration and terminate a Participant's participation in the Promotion without notice in the following cases:

1.10.1. if the Participant does not comply with these Rules;

1.10.2. if the Participant abuses the rights provided to the Participant under the Program and/or commits fraudulent actions aimed at obtaining the Reward;

1.10.3. in accordance with the requirements of state authorities.

1.11. All disputes and disagreements regarding the payment of the Reward will be resolved through negotiations between the company and the Participant, based on good faith and mutual understanding.

1.12. In the cases established by the Internal Revenue Code of the country of residence of the Participant, the Participant is personally responsible for the fulfillment of tax obligations, payment of all applicable taxes and other existing mandatory payments, fees and charges.

2. Rules of participation in the Promotion, terms of accrual, payment and cancellation of remuneration.

2.1. Rules of participation in the Promotion for Participants:

2.1.1. The user of the Application creates a Circle and maintains its activity by publishing in it thematic content (on the topic of the created Circle) at least one publication every 2 days, and inviting other users to the Circle.

2.1.2. Rewards shall be paid to the Participant only if the Participant has fulfilled the following conditions in the aggregate:

  • The published content is copyrighted or posted in accordance with copyright laws.
  • The number of users who have joined the Participant's Circle (hereinafter referred to as Circle Subscribers) is greater than or equal to 100.
  • During the reporting period, the Participant published at least one publication in his Circle every 2 days.
  • Circle subscribers show activity in the Circle, by writing comments to publications and marking publications "Like" (implemented by the button with a thumbs up symbol).

2.1.3. The Company reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to refuse to pay a Participant if publications in the Circle contain predominantly meaningless content, content from other sources without authorial interpretation, content with user complaints or comments negatively evaluating the publication.

2.1.4. The Company reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to refuse payment of funds if the Participant fails to verify his or her identity, including (but not limited to) if the Company discovers one or more indicia of use of the Application in order to abuse the right to receive the Reward.

2.1.5. Rewards are paid monthly in the amount of $1 U.S. Dollar for each 100 Circle Subscribers. This amount is credited to Pay Pal or to the Participant's bank account, if technically possible. Adding or changing the payment details is possible only by contacting the technical support of the Application.

2.1.6. The date of fixing the results of activity in the Circle is the 1st day of each month following the reporting month.

2.1.7. Verification of Compliance with Promotion Terms and Conditions and Payment of the Reward shall be made by the 15th day following the reporting month.

2.1.8. The total maximum amount of payments under the Promotion is $5000 USD per month. If the maximum amount of payments under the Promotion is reached, further payments to all Users are terminated. The sequence of payouts is determined by the Company's decision.

3. Changing the Rules

3.1. A new edition of the Rules shall be posted by the Company at least three (3) calendar days prior to the entry into force of the amendments and additions to the Rules.

3.2. All amendments and additions made by the Company to the Rules shall take effect as of the date specified in the disclosure notice.

3.3. In order to familiarize the Participant with the changes of the Rules, the Company posts the new edition of the Rules by means of preliminary information disclosure, placing such information on the website

3.4. The date on which the current edition of the Rules is available to Participants shall be deemed to be the date of the Participant's familiarization with the Rules.

3.5. In order to ensure that all persons are guaranteed to be acquainted with the current edition of the Rules, the Participant is obliged to regularly contact the website at, either independently or through authorized persons, to receive information about changes made to the Rules.

3.6. Any changes to the Rules from the effective date shall apply to all Members, including those who joined the Rules earlier than the effective date of the new edition of the Rules.