14 March 2022

  • New big feature 'Circles' introduced. Now you can create your own Circles about any topic you are interested to discuss. Invite connections to your Circle, share news and hot topics, find collaborators for your projects
  • Circles give you possibility to become early influencer on IT Network platform and get the first mover advantage of own comminity creation
  • You can follow any Circles your are interested in. Content from Circles will be available in the home newsfeed. Design your custom feed
  • Made significant update of chat comminication platform working on speed and reliablity

11 December 2021

  • Created jobs section - now your can find the list of IT jobs. If you are interested you can apply for any job by one click
  • If you are HR, you can easily post new vacances in IT Network's list, providing salary, description and application process
  • Introduced Premium plan, which provides in-app benefits, such as: direct chat with any user, access to advanced search and information about who interested in your profile
  • Implemented Karma functionality. By your activity in the network you get Karma points which open access to additional functionality. Karma points show your impact to comminity and popularity
  • Implemented functionality of sharing profile and reputation with outside IT Network

20 September 2021

  • Inroduced chat - now you can easily comminicate with your connections inside comminity. Just select profile of the user and send message
  • Created comments system under the publications. So now you can discuss all topics inside the newsfeed
  • Created Search and advanced search functionality. Now you can easlity find a person your are looking for by city, occupation or company
  • Notifications screen was implemented. It helps you easily control what is going on with your connections and provides advise about birthdays or big changes in career of your connections

16 July 2021

  • Launched basic functionality of IT Network on both Android and iOS platforms
  • Newsfeed was introduced. You can share all IT news there or follow latest trends of the industry
  • Recommendations system helps you easlily create wide IT comminity and find useful connections for your project or career all over the world
  • You profile is the piece of art, because you can express all knowlege and experience there. Fill as much as possibile to let others know your skills